Applegate Insulation

   We offer Applegate cellulose insulation to meet the needs of your new or existing building. Applegate insulation is made from 85% recycled material, making it one of the greenest insulations available today. Ground up newspaper is the main ingredient, but that doesn't mean it will burn. In fact cellulose has a class 1 fire rating. While retarding fire it also has an ingredient in it that prevents mold and mildew.


   Our stabilized cellulose can be installed in almost any open wall cavity. This is possible due to a special process used to activate glue in the insulation when we install it. Using several specialty machines we blow it into your walls making sure it sticks well in the wall cavity.

   As the product is blown in we fill all cracks and gaps behind and around any obstacles, creating a seamless insulation from floor to ceiling. This is essential to stopping air flow, giving you a higher R value.

   Because the wall cavity is overfull we use a scrubber to clean off the excess insulation. It is then placed in a recycle machine which allows it to be blown back into the wall resulting in no wasted product.

Loose Fill

   Loose fill refers to the insulation that is blown into the attic. It can be blown into new houses, shops, and potato storages, or it can be installed on top of existing insulation to cap it off and restore the lost R value.