BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms

   What are insulating concrete forms anyway? Insulating concrete forms or ICFs are concrete forms made with two panels of styrofoam held together with plastic ties. These forms or blocks are left in place after the concrete is poured to insulate the wall and enable you to screw siding or sheetrock to them. The blocks we sell are 48" long by 16" tall and have 2.5" of foam on each side. Usually they have a 6 or 8 inch core for concrete depending on the application. Rebar is placed in the wall as the blocks are stacked to give the concrete strength. A finished BuildBlock ICF wall has a performance R-Value of 45-55. When correctly installed ICFs have excellent durability against hurricanes and tornados. They can be used just for a frost wall or use them all the way to the eaves for a durable, quite, energy efficient structure.

  We believe that BuildBlock is the best block on the market today. Several features that help reduce blowouts are a higher density foam than some of the competition and webs that are spaced at 6 inches versus 8. Because BuildBlocks corners and straight blocks are fully reversible they are easy to install. This makes for efficiency and much less waste. Buildblock offers many different products from straight and corner blocks to radius blocks to BuildDeck for concrete floors or roofs. If you need a product from BuildBlock just let us know and we can order it! Below are some of the common items that we have in stock.

   Straight Block Form


   BuildBlocks straight blocks can be used for foundations,house/ shop/ potatoe house walls or even swimming pools. The blocks we have in stock are 6 or 8 inch core and have 2.5 inches of foam on each side.

Corner Block Form


We have 6 and 8 inch core 90 degree corner blocks in stock to go with the straight blocks.